Dads have Rights Too

Dads have Rights Too

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Remember that men can be victims of domestic violence

On Behalf of | Oct 13, 2017 | Protection Orders And Domestic Violence

It’s very important not to stereotype domestic violence victims. While they are often women, it is very possible for men to be the victims in these abusive relationships. Their rights can’t be ignored.

Some studies have found that roughly one out of every seven men have been physically abused by someone they considered an intimate partner. That study looked at those 18 years old and older, but there is always a chance of similar abuse for younger men.

Stalking is also a serious issue for both genders. One out of every 18 men reported that a partner stalked them so extensively that they were worried about their own safety, worried about the safety of the people they loved — other family members, for example — or worried for their own lives.

For men and women, studies have found that psychological aggression rates are about the same. The percentage for women being victimized is 48.4, while the percentage for men comes in at 48.8. If anything, is very slightly more common for men to face this type of mental and emotional abuse.

Some physical abuse can be incredibly serious and potentially deadly. For instance, about 8 percent of men who have been abused and reported it have said they were hit with some sort of weapon, stabbed or shot at.

This isn’t to diminish the instances of abuse perpetrated against women, of course, but just to show that both genders face this issue. Since it can play a huge role in a child custody case, it’s very important for men to know their legal rights and the options at their disposal.

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