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What are the 3 types of protection orders in Nebraska?

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2018 | Protection Orders And Domestic Violence

In Omaha, Nebraska, there are three types of protection orders that someone may apply for if they feel they are in danger from another person. The type of protection order is determined by the relationship the alleged victim has with the alleged perpetrator. There are three types of protection orders available in Douglas County.

Domestic violence protection order: This type of protection is specifically for people who are in or have been in close relationships. This includes former or current spouses, relatives or people who are living together or have lived together. It is granted when an alleged abuser caused, attempted or threatened bodily injury, used a credible threat to intimidate the alleged victim or engaged in sexual penetration or contact without consent.

Sexual assault protection order: This protection order is not dependent on whether the alleged victim and abused had a relationship. It is granted to an alleged victim when he or she was subjected to sexual penetration or contact by another person without consent.

Harassment protection order: This protection order is granted to the alleged victim of harassment. There does not need to any relationship between the alleged abuser and the victim. It requires that the victim was intimidated, threatened or seriously terrified by someone through personal contact or telephone calls.

These protection orders, also called ex parte protection orders, are in effect until the court date. The judge will then hear testimony from both sides and determine whether the protection order will remain in effect for a year or if it will be canceled. If necessary, the domestic abuse and sexual assault protection orders can be renewed yearly.

Protection orders are granted to keep those who are accused of abusing or intimidating someone from having any contact with the alleged victim. It is wise for both sides to learn more about protection orders before appearing at court. An attorney can help.

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