Dads have Rights Too

Dads have Rights Too

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Helping dads with their parenting plans

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2018 | Parenting Plans And Parenting Time

As previous posts have suggested, some of the work we take the most pride in is not in the courtroom.

Whether it pertains to a dad’s kids or a man’s hard-earned property, we do more at our law office than simply advocate for our clients in court or at the negotiation table, although we of course do that and do that well.

However, much of what we do for men involves just paying attention to the legal details of a particular matter and making sure that each and every detail is properly addressed. In the world of retirement plans, for instance, this could mean accurately and efficiently preparing a QDRO when one is necessary.

In the world of child custody and parenting time, we deploy the same care and attention as we do when guarding a man’s interests in his property. After all, children are a man’s most prized treasure, and they deserve at least the detail given to his material things.

Our attentiveness comes to the forefront when we are representing our client’s interests in creating a workable parenting plan with his children’s mother. Even when the two are able to get along, there is a lot that goes in to figuring out what is in the best interests of a man’s children.

We will work hard to talk him through the important question for things like religion, work schedules, education, holidays and vacation, and health care, as well as other important needs. Likewise, we can also address how he and the child’s mother will handle their differences should they arise down the road.

In Nebraska, the parenting plan is a very important document that is going to define how a dad will relate to his children. Therefore, we take our obligation to help a man prepare a thorough, fair, and clear parenting plan very seriously, as they can be difficult to change down the road.