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Dads have Rights Too

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What are my options if a protection order is granted?

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2019 | Protection Orders And Domestic Violence

A previous post talked about how men in Omaha can face serious consequences if they have a protection order entered against them. These consequences can include losing the right to possess a firearm, being evicted from one’s home and other penalties beyond just being ordered to stay away from the alleged victim.

Domestic abuse protection orders are treated as legal injunctions in all respects except that violating them comes with criminal penalties. What this means is that, like other court orders, a man can ask for the protection order to be changed, at least to a certain extent.

For example, if the court originally ordered the man to turn over weapons, he may wish to ask for a court hearing simply for the purpose of asking the court to reconsider, even if he is willing to agree to stay away from the person who filed the order. Of course, he will be expected to present evidence in support of his position.

Likewise, if the man does not like the result of the hearing, he may appeal it by following the applicable to appealing Nebraska court decisions. However, as a caveat, a successful appeal can prove difficult just because, by the time the court is able to make a decision, the protection order may expire.

In other words, a man is not without options if a protection order gets entered against him. However, exploring these options can involve navigating through complicated areas of the law and oftentimes while under tight time constraints. This is one reason why many men who are facing protective orders and allegations of domestic abuse choose to rely on the help of experienced attorneys.