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Dads have Rights Too

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When is a prenuptial agreement a good idea?

On Behalf of | May 21, 2020 | High-asset Divorce

It can be almost too easy to fall in love and decide to get married. It is often a little bit harder to get the families together for a wedding. But no one thinks it is easy to get a divorce if that is what one or both spouses want to do. A few things can make the process easier if people have the foresight to make the right decisions.

  • Is a prenuptial agreement a good idea?

The idea of creating an agreement that helps people get a divorce in the future may seem distasteful, especially in a time of good emotions around a new relationship. But the document can offer security to both spouses that eases tension instead of creating it.

  • What does a prenuptial agreement cover?

It is usually useful in describing who gets what in terms of assets and properties during and after a divorce. Nebraska courts would recognize a prenuptial agreement if both spouses voluntarily sign it while acting in good faith. If one spouse lied about assets, the whole agreement may be invalid.

  • When is it too late to make an agreement?

A prenuptial agreement must happen before a marriage, but an post-nuptial agreement is possible after marriage. They are, however, rarer and may require more legal work to create and validate.

  • Who can help with a prenuptial agreement?

An attorney can always help create a prenuptial agreement or deal with other aspects of a potential high-asset divorce. Legal representation and advice is often very helpful when someone is considering the consequences of marriage and divorce.