Dads have Rights Too

Dads have Rights Too

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Protection order violation leads to jail time

On Behalf of | Jun 5, 2020 | Protection Orders And Domestic Violence

It’s hard to manage the fallout when a protection order shows up in the mail or at the door. A lot of emotions may surface, as these orders are often filed by people who were very close to us in life. But these are serious legal documents and they should be taken seriously.

Although there are legal ways to challenge a protection order or figure out how to live with it, there are no legal ways to directly challenge the person who filed it. This is because these orders generally prevent contact in person or over any media when an order is in effect.

A Nebraska man was sentenced for charges including the violation of a protection order. He was sentenced to a total of one year in jail for this crime, which happened in conjunction with an assault against the person who had filed the charge.

He has already been in jail for more than six months and received credit for this time against the sentence. His plea of no contest also led to two other charges being dropped and his sentence mostly consisting of five years of probation.

There are bases for a legal challenge to a protection order. Parents especially have a case if they are constructive and safe around their children.

An attorney can always help manage a recent protection order. Legal representation is often very useful when a person is trying to fight a protection order on the grounds it restricts parenting and other life essentials. It is a near necessity if you are facing charges of violating a protection order.