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How could military service impact a child custody agreement?

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2021 | Fathers' Rights

Military service can impact various aspects of life for a Nebraska family. This is especially true during a divorce regarding matters such as child custody, potential relocation, child support and more. There are certain laws specific to military servicemembers that could impact a parent’s choices during divorce, and these individuals will find it beneficial to work with an attorney familiar with these unique legal issues.

Creating a reasonable and sustainable custody agreement with one or two military parents can be complicated. There are various factors to consider when attempting to reach the most beneficial conclusion for the children. Some of these issues include:

  • Potential for a future deployment or current deployment
  • Temporary duty assignments and moves to other bases
  • Proximity to extended family members
  • Child support for custodial parents who may be deployed

Every military divorce is unique, and Nebraska parents will find it helpful to consider terms that allow them to meet the needs of their kids as well as their career obligations. This is not always easy in situations where one or both parents may be away for extended periods of time. An experienced military divorce attorney can help craft an agreement that will make sense long-term.

Before agreeing to terms or making decisions regarding divorce, a military parent would be wise to secure knowledgeable legal counsel. Child custody and other related family law matters can be complicated in a divorce involving a military servicemember. However, it is possible to reach a final order that allow a family to look to the future with confidence.