Dads have Rights Too

Dads have Rights Too

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Shared custody is achievable

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2021 | Divorce

You’re getting a divorce, and you know there is a lot on the line, particularly where your children are concerned. Custody matters can be difficult to address, especially if you want one thing and your spouse wants another, or the courts believe something entirely different is in order. You hope to at least achieve shared custody, but with all the stories you’ve heard, you are questioning whether it is even possible. The good news is, in Nebraska, yes, shared custody is achievable.

Some people still believe that mothers should receive full custody of children in divorce, and fathers should only receive visitation rights because women are supposedly better caregivers. Many fathers fail to fight for shared custody because they believe they don’t have a chance due to this gender bias. The truth is, more fathers are wanting equal time with their kids, and more courts are willing to grant it, as such arrangements are beneficial to the children.

Remember, you have rights as a father

Fathers have the same rights to their children as mothers. However, some men fail to remember this, as they think they somehow lose their rights when they get divorced. This simply isn’t true — unless a judge tells them otherwise.

What you can do to help achieve shared custody

There are five things you can do to help you as you seek shared custody of your children. They are:

  • Don’t let other people’s experiences deter you from fighting for what you want.
  • Get your finances in order.
  • Do not engage in private negotiations or compromise before going to court.
  • Consider hiring legal counsel.
  • Document any interference in your parenting time.

Nebraska courts want to see two main things from you. First, they want to see you fighting for your kids. Show the court you want to be an active part of the lives of your children. Second, they want to see that you are financially prepared to battle things out in court if necessary, as well as ready to take on the financial responsibility of having your children at least part-time.

Fight for what you think is best

You may have different ideas than your spouse about what your child custody agreement should look like — that’s normal. Don’t let the difference of opinion deter you from fighting for what you think is best. You have every right to express your opinion and seek custody terms that you feel will best work for your family.