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Dads have Rights Too

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Should you sign an acknowledgement of paternity form?

On Behalf of | Jan 28, 2022 | Fathers' Rights

Fathers are a critical influence in the lives of their children, and they do not have to be married to the child’s mother to have an active role. Biological fathers have the right to pursue custody and visitation, protecting this relationship and securing their parental rights. Matters related to paternity and fathers’ rights are more likely to be an issue in situations in which the father and mother are not married. 

Establishing paternity could be an important aspect of securing custody rights and visitation time with your children. While there are other ways to do this, you may need to sign an acknowledgement of paternity form. This is a legal document that acknowledges your responsibility for your child and guarantees certain rights. While this is a smart first step in the process of securing custody, there are still other requirements you will have to meet. 

The benefits of this form 

By signing this form, you have taken an important step in the process of securing access to your child. This also eliminates the need to go to court to establish paternity. Without this form or confirmed paternity, you would not have a legal claim to visitation rights to your child. If the mother of your child does not want you to sign the acknowledgement of paternity for any reason, you will have to go to court to fight for your rightful access to your child. 

You will have a guarantee of certain rights when you sign this form. This includes the right to consultation on any adoption process involving your child, as well as the right for your child to use your last name. It also secures your right to seek regular access to your child or even custody. This document also establishes your financial responsibility to care for the child until he or she reaches adulthood. 

Your best interests as a parent 

As a Nebraska father, you want to do everything possible to protect the interests of your child, and that includes having a strong relationship with him or her. While signing an acknowledgement of paternity is often the easiest way to accomplish this goal, it is not always possible to secure your parental rights in this manner. Before you sign a form or make any important decisions that could affect your role as a father, you may benefit from a complete understanding of your parental rights and your legal options.