Dads have Rights Too

Dads have Rights Too

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The Divorce Process And Its Effects On Kids

On Behalf of | Dec 23, 2022 | Divorce

The choice to end a marriage is a difficult one, and while this process is hard on you, it is important not to underestimate how difficult this will be on your kids. Even when two parents resolve to work together peacefully, a divorce can result in strain and stress for the children. As a Nebraska parent, you will want to do everything possible to shield their interests and ensure that they have the support they need to navigate this time of change and transition. 

One effective way that you can do this is by preparing well for the divorce process. You will benefit from learning about what to expect from your divorce and how you can shield your interests at each step. This understanding will also help you make smart decisions that will benefit and protect the best interests of your kids. 

What is going to happen? 

Divorce is a complex legal and financial process, and it is normal to feel overwhelmed by what is ahead. After making the decision to move forward with this process, you will then file the petition to divorce. There may be a hearing to decide temporary custody, visitation and child support. You and the other parent can create a custody order that is beneficial for your kids and allows you to protect their interests. Your order will need to include the following details: 

  • How the kids will divide time between their parents’ homes 
  • How the parents will share legal custody, which is decision-making authority for the kids 
  • The amount of child support and when the supporting parent will pay it 
  • Where the parents and children will live 

These details are only some of what you may need to include in your final order. You can create a plan that is effective and unique to your specific situation by including terms that are important for your family. 

Your parental rights 

In your divorce order, you will want to balance your parental rights with what is in the best interests of your kids. This may mean setting aside your temporary emotions and feelings to focus on what will make the most sense long-term. As you consider terms and negotiate your final order, you may benefit from having experienced guidance as you seek to protect your parental rights and meet the needs of your kids.